Our wedding photography is an artful blend of fine art portraiture and candid photojournalistic images that freeze those special moments in time. Capturing the emotions of love, laughter, family and friends make your Wedding Day priceless.


Speaking from experience, your wedding day will most likely be one of the fastest days in your life. All the hours of planning and preparation you put in to your special day, and when it finally comes - BAM, it’s over! That’s why we specialize in capturing the moments for you to reflect for on forever.


Yes we use professional digital cameras, lenses, flashes, and portable studio lighting that is needed to take the best possible photographs under virtually any conditions. However, the most expensive camera money can buy will not capture the emotions on its own. It takes a passionate, creative, and gifted photographer to see and recognize the moment and push the shutter button


Plus Dabo Studios doesn’t just give you some digital picture files of one of the most special days in your life, all of our wedding packages include FREE PRINTS of various sizes, an online gallery for family and friends to view and/or purchase,  And yes we also give you fully edited digital files of photos on a USB Drive, optimized for social media use.


No mater what size wedding you are planning, from the courthouse steps to an all weekend extravaganza we have a package to suite your needs and budget.  For additional information and pricing please click below.


Our Artistic Portrait Session offers more than a regular pictures.  We create Art using various lighting techniques, locations, and mood.  Plus modeling experience is not required.  We work with you to create  one of a kind images, such as high fashion, urban, tropical, editorial, and the list goes on.  The individuals in the photos above are everyday working people, a barber, cake decorator, disk jockey, clothing rep, health food sales, and a mother of two.


We start every session with getting to know each other so everyone has an easier time being comfortable and just having fun. This is a real on location photo shoot just as the professional models do.  We use city streets, parks, and other unique locations as our studio.  Lighting is provided by mother nature, store windows, street lights, and portable professional lighting equipment.


Portrait sessions usually take around 2 hours and wardrobe changes are welcomed for even more creativity.  You will receive 10 to 20 fully edited digital image files optimized for social media, plus 25% any print order thru us.  You can also purchase as a one of kind gift that will last a lifetime.




For pricing information and scheduling an Artistic Portrait Package please click below.


Whether you are experienced in the modeling industry or just trying to break in, you need a model portfolio that will impress agencies and professionals in the industry. Your portfolio must only contain exceptional pictures to catch the eye and make a great first impression. A portfolio will always be the first thing that agencies and clients look at before they even choose to see you in person.


It is also important to know what type of modeling you can do. For example, a portfolio of a Freelance model would include a variety of different types of photos and clothing, while a portfolio of a high fashion model would have high fashion images. So be realistic from the start of your career to avoid setbacks or rejections due to the fact that you are attempting to enter a type of modeling that is not best suited for you.


Always remember you will have just a few minutes to get the attention of the agent or client when your portfolio is being reviewed.


The most important photos to have in your portfolio are the Polaroids, also known as “digitals”. Polaroids show what you really look like. It’s crucial for the agent or client to know how you look before makeup, hair, studio lighting and Photoshop. Dabo Studios offers this service FREE of charge to all our modeling clients.


There is no need to let fears about cost stop you from having a professional model portfolio. We offer various packages to meet your needs and fit your budget.  Plus all packages of one hour or longer include a FREE PRINT CREDIT and a private on line gallery for you to download digitals and order prints as you need them.


For pricing information and scheduling a Portrait Package please click below.


In today’s creative music landscape you need a photographer that can capture your unique vision in images that will showcase your style, genre, and passion. DaBo brings the technical skill, experience, and creativity to take your vision and push it to the limits for your portfolio, advertising, album covers, social media, and videos.


For the music artist or group just launching their careers, Dabo offers very reasonable pricing and will work alongside you as your vision grows. Photography can be provided in a studio setting as well as on location.


If you would like to discuss further as to what DaBo can do for you please contact us, please click below: